Inside Arcader

It Pays to Play

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to gaming - It should be fun! And what's more fun than beating an opponent AND getting a reward for doing so?

Arcader is a gaming platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Players can compete against one another across various games of skill and win ETH as rewards. Players can choose from a variety of games in league-style Contests, Head to Head Battles or Custom Contests.

Our goal is to make our users (players) compete, be rewarded and most importantly have fun! Remember - with great skills come great rewards!

Arcader hopes to marry the fun of gaming with the safety of the blockchain.

We strive to provide gripping games that test your skills and reward you for them hassle-free! We try to keep the games simple in concept and engaging in gameplay to make for a fulfilling experience. We hope you enjoy the games as much as we did making them.

Nice and flexible, just for you.

Our Contests and Battles have different criteria based on which a player can ascertain the odds and difficulty involved. It allows for a players to enter different Contests and Battles based on their risk appetite and skill level.

Quick and hassle-free payout.

Thanks to the beauty of smart contracts, winners are paid out safely and quickly once the Game ends. The player doesn't have to worry or wait - the winnings are directly deposited into his/her Metamask.

In the Office

The Arcader platform is managed by Dino Digital Pvt. Ltd. OU. Dino is media and blockchain company based out of Estonia. Arcader is their first venture into the gaming space.