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Follow these 5 easy steps to get started:


Sign up and connect your Metamask. It’s that easy!


Pick a Game

Choose from any one of our games. Choose the format - Contest or H2H Battle. Get your game face on!

Enter the Game Stake

Deposit your ETH. Are you ready?


Put your skills to test and battle it out. Best of luck!

Enjoy your Winnings

Your winnings will be directly deposited to your Metamask. Partayyy!

Metamask Required

Please note that, to participate, a player must have a web3 wallet (like Metamask) to be able to register and in turn play.

Arcader is a digital arcade based on the blockchain. With a variety of games, in multiple formats. Arcader allows players to put their gaming skills to the test and with ETH at stake, it makes each game you play highly rewarding.

Easy peasy! Navigate to the Arcader website. Simply click on the Sign In button on the top right. Click on Register. Enter your e-mail ID and verify it. Link your web3 wallet extension (make sure you are using a web3 wallet extension like Metamask in Chrome or Brave, one cannot participate in games without a web3 ETH wallet).

Arcader is a peer-to-peer platform and has no control over your funds. Therefore, before you can participate in any games on Arcader, you’ll need to set up a web3 wallet with an Ethereum address. When you’re participating in games, we’ll ask you to sign these orders using whichever web3 wallet you choose. We recommend Metamask when using Chrome or Brave.

Arcader charges ZERO fees.

To participate in a Game, simply click on the Game and deposit your Game Stake. Please read the Game Rules carefully and check the Game Deadline prior to participating in any game.

A Contest is a time-bound, multi-player event. Once a player participates, he/she can play as many turns as he/she chooses until the Contest expires. Each contest will specify the duration (usually, the duration of a Contest is 12 hours).

A H2H Battle is a 1 v 1 event. Once a player participates, he/she can play a specified number of turns within specified period of time. Each contest will specify the duration and number of turns (usually, the duration of a H2H Battle is 30 minutes and consists of 7 turns).

A Custom Contest is a time-bound, multi-player event. However, unlike a regular Contest - there are usually certain conditions (i.e. the number of players, duration, etc.) that need be met prior to it starting. Each contest will specify the conditions clearly.

Game Stake is the buy-in amount, in ETH, required to participate in a game. Each game will specify the Game Stake required to play.

It is the duration for which the Game is Active. Each Game will specify the amount of time before which it expires. Please make sure to check the Game Deadline prior to participating.

An Active Game is one that is live and has not yet expired.

It is when the Game Deadline has elapsed and a Game is no longer available to play.

Winnings are awarded as per the Game Rules. It based on scores submitted by players. Each Game will specify, in details, the rules. Please read the Game Rules carefully before participating.

Winnings are awarded upon Game Expiry and are transferred via smart contracts, which automatically execute upon Game Expiry. They are transferred directly to your registered web3 Wallet address. 

One can participate in any number of Active Games.

When you are logged in, click on your Username, select ‘Change Password’ and click on ‘Save Changes’.

A player can create only ONE account with one email id and username on Arcader. Creation of multiple accounts by a single player is strictly prohibited and violates our FairPlay policy. Also, each e-mail ID and username is linked to your web3 wallet ETH address. Each account permits only a single ETH address and cannot be used on different accounts.